Creative Self Care Series at The Basement Community Art Studio! 6:30-8:30pm. $25 per class.

Creative self-care is caring for yourself through creative play and guided reflective meditation.
For our purposes, art is anything we create and meditation is anything we reflect on. 
There is no prior experience required in either art or meditation, all levels are welcome to attend any of the classes.
This fun and relaxed class will help you to look at ways to use creativity and art to enrich your life, relax, rejuvenate, express yourself, and even meditate!
We will use a variety of techniques including guided mindfulness meditations, journaling, and creative play throughout these classes. Each session will offer a new way to invite more creativity and personal time into your busy life.

Also feel free to BYOB/Wine to this adults only class! Lets make an evening of it!  

More information here.